Special Uses for Alkaline & Acidic Water


1. Cooking rice

Wash rice with acidic water and soak in alkaline water for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. This will improve the taste and help make the rice fluffy.

2. Cooking with alkaline water

Make soups, stews etc with alkaline water. This will improve flavour and extraction of alkaline properties and neutralize acidic properties.

3. Coffee, tea and smoothies

Alkaline water eliminates bitter taste of coffee and tea; extracts more flavour too. Use alkaline water to make smoothies to improve flavour and alkalinity.

4. Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Wash with acidic water and soak in alkaline water for 15-20 minutes to maintain freshness for a longer period. This will also remove chemicals and pesticides.

5. Washing seafood and meat

Wash with acidic water and soak in alkaline water to remove fishy smell in seafood, fat smell in meat. Soak meat in alkaline water for 30 minutes to tenderize and improve taste.


1. Skin And Hair

Skin: as a toner, aftershave, lessen appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and scars, treat or prevent acne, eczema, itch, skin and diaper rashes.

Hair: as a hair conditioner, treat or prevent dandruff and dry hair

2. Internal Disinfectant

As a mouthwash and gargle, for infected tooth and gums, sore throat, ulcers and bad breath, treat ear infection and sore eyes.

3. First Aid And Sterilizer

Treat burns, minor cuts and scrapes, stops bleeding and promotes faster healing, chemical-free sterilizer and disinfectant, even for doctors’ and dentists’ surgical instruments.

4. Cleaning Purposes

To sanitize bathrooms, kitchen counters, computer keyboards etc, to disinfect cutting boards, kitchen utensils and appliances, chrome polisher and streak-free glass cleaner.

5. Pet friendly

Bathe your pets for an overall healthier coat.