It's More Than Just a

Filtration System

Detoxify and Hydrate with small micro clusters, flush out toxin, enable nutrient supply to improve blood circulation, slow down the aging process and lower the risk of chronic diseases.

Antioxidize with high negative ORP to boost immunity and fight free radicals caused by environmental pollution, the chemical composition of food in our diet, smoking , drinking, stress, etc.


Neutralize acidosis with alkaline pH 8.0 to 9.0 to restore our pH balance and maintain a healthy inner terrain.


Mineralize with essential minerals to help promote metabolism and maintain good bone health.


Oxygenate with abundant dissolved oxygen to enhance stamina.

More Convenient, More Healthy!

Improved Productivity

Improve Productivity! No more boiling or refrigerating!

Cost Saving

Cost Savings!
Connected directly to water pipe!
Only 85 cents per day!

Minimize Sick Leave

Minimize Sick Leave!
Abundant negative ORP and rich in alkaline minerals to neytralize free radicals, reduce oxidative stress!

Saving Precious Space

Saving Precious Space!
Say goodbye to cumbersome and heavy bottles which take up too much space!

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. The information is should not be constructed as medical advice or diagnosis. You are urged to seek the advice of your physician for all medical matters.

Remove harmful chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria & viruses..etc

  • Generate H2 Hydrogen-Rich(1000ppn), with amazing selective anti-oxidation & anti-inflammation power.
  • Generate high oxidation reduction power (-600 ORP)
  • Alkaline Water 8.5-9.5pH improve immunity.
  • Supply essential minerals (Ca, Mg, K, NA, etc)

Patented 4 Stage Bio-Ceramic Filter

Patented 4 Stage Bio-ceramic filter

Complies WHO Characteristic of Good Water

1st Sediment Filter
2nd UP Membrane Filter
3rd AOA Filter
4th Magma Q Filter

What is Magma Q filter?

Magma Q

Magma Q is prominent outstanding for sterilizing. Magma Q is a kind of artificially synthesized jeolite, which emits far infrared and radiant energy. It does not change water’s composition, taste and smell. So the water treated with Magma Q has a just same taste of mineral water. Magma Q has strong sterilizing power on all hospital bacteria’s, which are contagious by water. Magma Q has very strong sterilizing power against cholera, paratyphoid, typhoid, staphylococcus, yellow staphylococcus, diphtheria fungus, spirillum. Because of its unique characteristics, Magma Q removes harmful heavy metal and radioactive isotope such as lead, Cesium 137, Cadmium, Strontium 90 dissolved in water. And the water which Magma Q was added to has abundant inorganic minerals, and the ration of Calcium and Magnesium become Read More

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