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Evergreen Health is a subsidiary of the Evergreen Group, an SME company, established since 1973. Founded in 2009 by Mrs Wee, who is a co-founder of the Evergreen Group, Evergreen Health is managed by a team of passionate and professional product specialists.

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Our Founder

A successful business woman who created a stationery business into a household name “the Evergreen” brand, Mrs Wee could have led a care-free life. However, with her biology background, she found the health benefits of alkaline ionized water and was amazed by how alkaline ionized water can reverse the progression of many modern day ailments. She was keen to introduce this source of water to every household.

The Japanese and the Koreans already knew about this miracle water for more than 50 years! Mrs Wee wants to educate people about the goodness of this miracle water and to lead a healthier lifestyle as the food we eat, the products we use and the environment we live in, all have damaging effects on our health. We need something to combat it – be it exercising, a balanced diet, a lifestyle change, or a machine that convert tap water to healthier alkaline ionized drinking water!

Our Founders success story can be read by following this link

Mrs Wee

Brand Philosophy


Health is Wealth


Making alkaline water – the source of health and wealth – accessible to everyone


Sharing the SOURCE everyday with people

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