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Hydrogen Rich Water

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As early as 1986, the spring water of Nordenau improved the symptoms of children with leukemia, which attracted the mass media. According to a local report, as of 2003, more than 2 million people from all over the world have visited and experienced the miracle therapeutic effect, including bone and joint infections, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, oral and ocular diseases Otolaryngology diseases (such as cataracts, hearing impairment, etc.), tumor diseases, skin diseases, nervous system diseases (such as migraine, epilepsy, insomnia, etc.), gallbladder and gastrointestinal disorders, and kidney diseases, etc. In the reported cases, whether the spring water is taken orally or applied externally, the curative effect is also good. For example, some patients who suffer from refractory pressure sores due to being bedridden all year round can get better treatment after scrubbing with hydrogen water for some time. In 1998, the team of Japan’s Finding the Truth Documentary Channel and Japanese scientists jointly visited this “magic spring” and edited the content of the magical hydrogen chat: clinical record interview and research into a feature film on TV Asahi in Japan, so the Norden au mine spring water is even more famous. What’s even more mysterious is that once it’s back home, the magical effect will disappear. Everyone worships it very much, calling it “holy water.” In 2003 scientists found that water is rich in hydrogen. Medical researchers have tried to dissolve hydrogen in water and observed it had alleviation and treatment effects.
After the development of hydrogen medicine, research on hydrogen medicine was initiated in Japan and developed rapidly worldwide. From the natural Norden au mine spring water to the well-developed electrolytic hydrogen-rich water and the subsequent hydrogen inhalation machine, hydrogen-rich saline, etc., various hydrogen-rich intervention methods emerge endlessly. With the deepening of research, hydrogen molecules have biological effects, such as selective Read More